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Technodinamika has created a simulator for the Il-76MD aircraft.

| 2021

The Technodinamika holding of the Rostec State Corporation has equipped the training center of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation with modern technical training aids. At the request of the Russian Guard, the specialists of TsNTU "Dinamika" have created an unparalleled complex simulator for the Il-76MD military transport aircraft.

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Technodinamika has created a simulator for the Il 76MD aircraft Il-76MD-90A (Picture source: Rostec)

The IL-76MD complex simulator is designed for training, training and assessing the level of training of flight crews in piloting, air navigation, operation of onboard equipment, as well as working out interaction between crew members, including in special cases of flight. It simulates the operation of all aircraft systems and onboard equipment in a real cockpit interior.

The simulator cabin consists of two separate modules on fixed bases, each of which fully corresponds to the real cabin of the Il-76MD aircraft in terms of internal geometric dimensions, interior, composition of instrumentation and control equipment, their placement, appearance and nature of operation. One of the modules is a cockpit with workplaces for the ship commander, assistant ship commander, onboard engineer and onboard radio operator, the second module is the navigator's cabin.

The simulator visual environment system provides the crew with a virtual off-cockpit space display, including the terrain of the entire globe, ground, sea, air objects under various meteorological conditions, time of year and day in accordance with the task to be solved. At the same time, a high degree of detailing of the airfield and landing areas has been developed. The visualization system of the cockpit is a 6-channel optical collimation device, the navigator's cockpit is a 32-inch monitor.

“The prototype of the complex simulator for the Il-76MD aircraft was the simulator for the crew of the Il-78M aircraft, created by TsNTU Dinamika in 2014. For the new development, our specialists used the most modern and promising technical solutions and technologies. We used digital simulators of the control and instrument equipment of the aircraft, a visualization system that displays the relief of the entire globe and makes it possible to fly anywhere in the world. Improving the layout of the simulator equipment made it possible to improve the image quality in the visualization system, and the new design of the equipment interface device increased the speed of information exchange between the simulators and the computational-modeling complex, ”said Igor Nasenkov, General Director of the Technodinamika holding.

The Tekhnodinamika holding has extensive experience in cooperation with the Russian Guard, including in the development of technical training aids. So, in 2018, JSC TsNTU Dinamika created and installed the first simulator for the Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter crew in the history of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation. Interaction with the Federal Service continued, and a complex simulator for the Il-76MD aircraft was created under the state contract. The specialists of TsNTU "Dinamika" completed the installation, a full cycle of commissioning of the simulator, and also trained the flight and instructor staff of the Russian Guard within the time frame established by the contract.

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