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Four modernized L-39s handed over to Kazakhstan.

| 2021

Aero Vodochody and OMNIPOL handed over four overhauled L-39C aircraft to the Kazakh Air Force in October 2021. The overhaul also included an extensive modernization of the avionics. A government delegation from Kazakhstan has now visited the two companies and discussed in detail the deepening of this already successful cooperation.

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Four modernized L 39s handed over to Kazakhstan 01 L-39 (Picture source: Aero Vodochody)

Aero Vodochody overhauled and modernized the four L-39C aircraft in its aircraft plant in the Czech Republic, the handover took place in Kazakhstan. The contract also included retraining of the customer’s technicians and aviation personnel. The customer could then immediately start using the modernized aircraft to train new pilots. Kazakhstan is a very demanding L-39 user, due to its extreme climatic conditions. Thanks to their excellent technical and aviation characteristics, the L-39 aircraft fully meet these strict criteria and are able to operate successfully at huge temperature differences. In the past, Kazakhstan got three dozen L-39s initially delivered by OMNIPOL to the Soviet Union in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Jiří Podpěra, President of OMNIPOL, said: "Kazakhstan has been our favorite customer for decades and we value each other. I firmly believe that the project to modernize L-39 aircraft not only for the Kazakh Air Force will continue in the coming years."

As part of the overhaul, Aero Vodochody also modernized the avionics on the Kazakh aircraft. This modernization significantly facilitates the user's further transition to the new L-39NG and moves the L-39 aircraft to standards that meet the training requirements for next-generation aircraft.

"During the modernization we have integrated into the L-39 aircraft of the Air Force of Kazakhstan the main elements of the L-39NG standard avionics, such as the head-up display from Speel Praha and the Genesis Aero Systems multifunctional displays," added Pavel Tůma, Vice President of Projects of Aero Vodochody.

In the second week of November, an official visit of representatives of eight different ministries of Kazakhstan to the Czech Republic took place, during which the delegation met with representatives of the Czech government and other Czech partners. On this occasion, the Kazakh Vice-Minister of Trade and Infrastructure Development Ruslan Baimishev and other members of the delegation met with the management of OMNIPOL to evaluate the successfully developing cooperation between the two countries. OMNIPOL already has very intensive trade cooperation with this Central Asian country and is one of the main exporters to this country. On the same day, representatives of Kazakhstan visited Aero Vodochody.

Aero Vodochody and OMNIPOL are long-standing partners in supporting L-39 aircraft users worldwide. The L-39 is currently being upgraded in this configuration for other customers as well.

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