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Successful in-flight refueling between two French Airbus A400M Atlas.

| 2020

New successful test for the A400M Atlas: refueling by the central point between two A400Ms of the French Air Force was successfully carried out by DGA test pilots, with results in accordance with expectations.

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Successful in flight refueling between two French Airbus A400M Atlas Air refueling between two French Airbus A400M Atlas (Picture source: Airbus via Twitter account of the DGA)

The French Air Force is already operating 17 Airbus A400M Atlas. In six and a half years of operations under the French livery, these aircraft have largely demonstrated that they were the worthy heirs of both the Transall C.160R and the Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules. Tests had already been carried out to validate the refueling of combat aircraft, a real plus in force projection of the 21st century.

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