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FLIR awarded $10 Million US Marine Corps contract for R80D SkyRaider UAS.

| 2020

On June 30, FLIR Systems, Inc.announced it has been awarded a $10 million contract to deliver dozens of its SkyRaider Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to the United States (U.S.) Marine Corps.

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FLIR awarded 10 Million US Marine Corps contract for R80D SkyRaider UAS R80D SkyRaider (Picture source: FLIR)

Developed for U.S. defense and federal government customers, the FLIR R80D SkyRaider is the company’s most advanced military UAS. The aircraft’s long-range, high-resolution EO/IR imaging sensors provide day and night situational awareness, while the platform can carry and deliver external loads up to 4.4 pounds for forward resupply, asset extraction, and other specialized missions. SkyRaider also features some of the most powerful embedded AI processing available on a small UAS (sUAS) system.

“The R80D SkyRaider is a superior asset for highly mobile expeditionary and multi-mission combat operations, such as those that put Marines at the tip of the spear,” said David Proulx, VP of Product Management for the Unmanned Systems & Integrated Solutions business at FLIR. “We’ve worked hard to develop a smart, versatile sUAS aircraft with next-generation capabilities and are honored to support SkyRaider’s deployment with the U.S. Marine Corps.”

The R80D SkyRaider delivers a range of Group 2-3 payload capabilities with the agility and single-operator deployment footprint of a proven Group 1 VTOL aircraft. Its advanced edge-of-network processing enables object detection and classification, semi-autonomous flight, and the ability to thrive in GPS- or comms-denied environments. R80D SkyRaider supports payloads specific to U.S. government operations while incorporating enhanced cybersecurity measures that aid operational security.

Deliveries will be completed by Q3-2020.

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