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Thermobaric warhead for CIRIT 2.75 in laser guided rocket by Roketsan.

| 2019

With the longest range in its class, Roketsan’s CIRIT 2.75in laser guided rocket continues to expand its capabilities by adding a thermobaric warhead to its payload options, increasing the number of alternative warheads offered to three. Previously, the company offered two options including a multi-purpose warhead with anti-armour, anti-personnel and incendiary functions and a high explosive warhead.

Thermobaric warhead for CIRIT2.75in laser guided rocket by Roketsan The thermobaric warhead option will increase CIRIT’s tactical flexibility and operational effectiveness (Picture source: Roketsan)

In service with the Turkish armed forces since 2011, the rocket system can be integrated on a wide variety of platforms, including helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), ground vehicles and naval vessels. The variety of platforms equipped with the 1.9m, 15kg misile increases every year.

“Having emerged from the idea of having a cost-effective missile, CIRIT is the leader in its class with a range of 8 kilometres. It is now possible to meet the guided missile needs of land, air and naval forces with a single missile production line. CIRIT is attracting a lot of attention worldwide and will expand its domination on a global level,” commented Roketsan President and CEO, Selçuk Yasar.

Thermobaric warhead for CIRIT2.75in laser guided rocket by Roketsan VIDEO LINK

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