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Russia: TsAGI completed the design of a large-scale model of Il-276 airlifter.

| 2019

The Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) completed the design of a large-scale model of Il-276 airlifter. It will be used to test various options of the landing-takeoff wing gear and wing and fin controls, TsAGI said.

Russia TsAGI completed the design of a large scale model of Il 276 airlifter

A side cut view of the aircraft's cargo bay (Picture source: Air Recognition)

"The designed construction allows holding experiments in three different configurations. The first option is a fully assembled model will all elements (fuselage, wing and engine, tail fins). The second configuration is a fuselage without the wing and fins. The third option is a full model with two types of tail fins and a unit for them to be mounted in turn," it said.

The design has an opening hatch in the tail. It will imitate the release of various cargoes to provide information on aerodynamic characteristics during the airdrop. Aerodynamics will be researched of the open hatch with a ramp and doors that can be opened in various positions.

The design is rigid and durable against a major load due to high-duty materials.

Il-276 is a prospective two-engine airlifter which can transport 20 tons of cargo to a distance of 2000 km. The speed is 800 km/h.

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