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Ukrainian Air Force receives another Su-24MR combat aircraft.

| 2018

Mykolayiv Aircraft Repair Plant "NARP", a subsidiary of UkrOboronProm, transferred another repaired reconnaissance aircraft Su-24MR to Ukrainian Air Force ahead of the schedule, the company's press office said on June 5th. 

Ukrainian Air Force receives another Su 24MR combat aircraft 001 The latest Su-24MR combat aircraft delivered to Ukraine's Armed Forces
(Credit: UkrOboronProm)

Plant specialists carried out a medium repair of the aircraft, having checked all of its nodes and components, having repaired/replaced those. After that, Su-24MR was successfully tested in the presence of representatives of the Ukrainian Air Force and was adopted by Ukrainian pilots.

Su-24MP performed a flight to its main base and has already strengthened the defense capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Su-24MR is a supersonic reconnaissance aircraft that can conduct deep reconnaissance up to 400 km from the front line. For this purpose, it is equipped with sideways looking radar, allowing to track ground targets, including enemy fortifications and equipment, using sensitive high-resolution cameras, radio detection systems and infrared sensors to detect camouflaged objects.

In addition, SE "Mykolayiv Aircraft Repair Plant "NARP", in cooperation with other UOP enterprises, is currently working on Su-24MR modernization, to equip it with a new avionics, communications systems and surveillance equipment.

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