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Kazakhstan receives new Su-30SM, overhauled Su-25 jet aircraft.

| 2018
World Defense & Security News - Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan receives new Su-30SM, overhauled Su-25 jet aircraft
Kazakhstan has received Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets manufactured in Russia and overhauled Su-25 close air support aircraft, the Kazakh Defense Ministry’s press office said. "The Kazakh Armed Forces have received advanced Su-30 supermaneuverable fighter jets as part of military and technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia," the press office said.
Kazakhstan receives new Su 30SM overhauled Su 25 jet aircraft 640 002A Su-30SM fighter jet recently delivered to the Kazakh Air Force
(Credit: Kazakh MoD)
Kazakhstan receives at least one Su-25 CAS aircraft repaired and upgraded by the Belarusian company 558 Aircraft Plant. "In recent years, modern combat aircraft Su-30SM, new transport and combat helicopters Mi-171Sh were purchased. Earlier, our fleets were replenished with C-295 military transport aircraft, Mi-35M helicopters. Almost all aviation equipment of our Air Force has been repaired and modernized, " said Colonel Timur Omarov, commander of the 610th Air Base in Karaganda. Three more upgraded Su-25s will be delivered to the Kazakh Air Force in 2018.

The press office did not specify how many Su-30SM planes Russia had delivered to Kazakhstan.

"It is necessary to note that the fighter jet’s armament has doubled. The plane can use anti-radiation and anti-ship guided missiles, intermediate- and short-range air-to-air missiles and precision air bombs," the press office quoted commander of Kazakh unit No. 21751 Askar Izbasov as saying.
Kazakhstan receives new Su 30SM overhauled Su 25 jet aircraft 640 001The overhauled Su-25 Kazakh Air Force received in late December
(Credit: Kazakh MoD)
Earlier, Kazakhstan’s Defense Ministry told TASS that Kazakhstan was planning to receive two Su-30 planes and four Mil Mi-35 helicopters from Russia in 2017.

According to the press office, Russia confirmed its readiness to deliver the planes and associated equipment to Kazakhstan on time under the bilateral agreement on military and technical cooperation of December 24, 2013.

The Su-30SM (SM standing for serial-produced, upgraded) multipurpose fighter jet is designed both to gain air supremacy and attack ground-based and seaborne targets. The fighter jet has canards and swiveling-nozzle engines, which makes it supermaneuverable.

The Su-30SM fighter jet is equipped with the Bars multipurpose fire control radar. The fighter jet’s weapons suite comprises a wide range of munitions, including air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface precision-guided weapons. The Su-30SM plane can be used to train pilots to operate perspective single-seat fighter jets. The production of the Su-30SM fighter jet for the Russian Air Force began in 2012.
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