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Turkey's first home-made air-to-air missiles successfully test-fired.

| 2018

Turkey successfully test fired two indigenous air-to-air missiles in the Black Sea province of Sinop, the Anadolou news agency reported. The short- and medium-range Gokdogan (Peregrine) and the long-range Bozgodan (Merlin) were both introduced during IDEF 2017 defense exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey  first home made r to air missiles successfully test fire 001 Gokdogan Air-to-Air missile

According to the news agency, the Turkish military also plans to fire the missiles at moving targets from stationary launchers and conduct a series of tests of air-launched missiles later this year. Both projects are to be completed in 2020 and are to be used on Turkish Air Force (TurAF) fleet of F-16C/D fighter jets.

SAGE began developping the Gokdogan within visual range and the Bozgodan beyond visual range air-to-air missiles in 2013. They have been developed as direct replacement for TurAF's AMRAAM and Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.

The Gokdogan features high manoeuvrability capability in short range thanks to a high resolution dual color Imaging Infrared Seeker, while the Bozgodan is fitted with an Active Radar Seeker for long-range interception. This Active Radar Seeker is the first one fully developed in Turkey. According to SAGE, it will also be integrated in long-range air defence missile systems. SAGE expects it to reach full operational capability in for 2020.

SAGE's Gokdogan WVR missile is equipped with a smart guidance with launch-and-forget, as well as lock on after launch and datalink update capabilities.

Turkey  first home made r to air missiles successfully test fire 00 Bozgodan BVRAAM missile




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