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TsAGI working on double-fuselage transport aircraft.

| 2018

The Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) continues to research prospective medium double-fuselage transport aircraft, the institute said. "A model of the aircraft with takeoff-landing wing mechanisms in the form of gliding axis flaps was tested this time. Two types of flaps were considered - with direct and saw-like back edge," it said.

TsAGI working on double fuselage transport aircraft 001 TsAGI's model of double-fuselage transport aircraft
(Credit: TsAGI)

TsAGI held experiments in the small subsonic aerodynamic pipe at takeoff and landing regimes and airflow speed of 50 m/s. The researchers exposed a favorable effect provided by saw-like back-edge flap which decreased aerodynamic resistance during takeoff and landing.

Previously TsAGI experts studied the round-flow of a model of prospective double-fuselage aircraft and compared it with typical characteristics of single-body craft. They determined the efficiency of the controls (altitude and direction fins). The obtained information will form a databank of aerodynamic characteristics to create the control system of the aircraft.

The next trial stage is scheduled in early 2019. Aerodynamic experts of the institute will test adaptive wing mechanisms.

The prospective double-fuselage aircraft will airlift various cargoes up to 40 tons, including abnormal ones on an underwing suspension. The aircraft can be used as a spacecraft carrier. The project was designed within the state program to develop the aircraft industry in 2013-2025.

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