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TsAGI completes preliminary studies on new light convertible aircraft.

| 2018

Specialists of the Russiaen Professor N.Ye.Zhukovsky Aerohydrodynamic Central Institute (TsAGI) continue to investigate a model of a light convertible aircraft, the Institute’s press service reports.

TsAGI completes premilinarystudies on new light convertible aircraft 001 A light convertible aircraft scale model in TsAGI wind tunnel
(Credit: TsAGI)

"In the future, this aerial vehicle may be used both in passenger and cargo transportation without changing the standard design. The aerial vehicle is designed to carry 50 passengers or 6 tons of cargo. The cruising speed will be 480 km/h. The light convertible aircraft may replace An-24/26 model," the press service reports.

The experiments were carried out in the TsAGI low speed aerodynamic tunnel under a state contract with the RF Ministry of Trade and Industry.

At the present stage the institute’s scientists investigate aerodynamic characteristics of the model with modified control elements on the wing and tail in cruising and takeoff/landing configurations. The effort sought to improve the controls’ efficiency. The trials showed that the optimization of ailerons and direction and altitude steers ensure achievement of parameters obtained in calculations.

Previously, the institute specialists carried out research to obtain takeoff/landing and cruising characteristics of the aircraft. Following this the focus shifted to isolated fuselage of the aircraft and propeller in climbing mode and in side wind. The work done showed a high level of aerodynamic characteristics of the advanced aircraft in a wide range of angles of attack and sliding.

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