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Terma announces AAMS upgrade for RNLAF F-16 fighter jets.

| 2018

RNLAF joins U.S. Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve, the Royal Danish Air Force, and Belgian Defence as users of the Terma AAMS solution, which has been fielded and combat proven since 2009, the Danish defense company announced today at Singapore Airshow 2018.

Terma at singapore Terma's booth at Singapore Airshow 2018

The contract includes delivery of 46 shipsets for RNLAF F-16 aircraft – 45 ea. F-16A (single seat) and 1 ea. F-16B (dual seat) aircraft and will support the aircraft in its important remaining years covering several international missions.

The advanced communications and situational awareness solution provides enhancement of the pilot's situational awareness, survivability, and reduction of his/her workload by presenting audio warnings/cues and radio messages in a full 360 degree spherical representation. Thereby enabling the pilot to get the dynamically updated warning tone/cue in the true direction of the threat and spatially separating radio communication for increased speech intelligibility. The system also provides Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and Electrical Noise Reduction (ENR) for reduced pilot stress and fatigue.

"The RNLAF has a strong and long-standing partnership with Terma, encompassing the majority of our aircraft. In this framework, we are confident that the Defence Material Organisation and Terma are committed to provide the RNLAF F-16's with the new AAMS/ANR capability to increase the operational effectiveness and safety of the aircraft and pilot", says Air Commodore Richard Laurijssen, Royal Netherlands Air Force.

This adds yet another Terma product to the RNLAF fleet of aircraft and is a testament to the many years of cooperative efforts between RNLAF and Terma to ensure optimum survivability solutions for the air crew.


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