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Sukhoi hands over first batch of Su-34 jets of 2018.

| 2018
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Sukhoi hands over first batch of Su-34 jets of 2018
The Sukhoi Company of the United Aircraft Corporation handed over to the Defense Ministry the first batch of Su-34 frontline bombers this year, the company said. "The aircraft took off from the airfield of the Chkalov Aircraft Works in Novosibirsk and flew to the deployment place," it added.
Sukhoi hands first batch of u 34 jets n 2018 640 001A Su-34 fighter jet showcased during MAKS 2017
The plant is operating with maximum efficiency at present. The state contract with the Russian Defense Ministry for the delivery of Su-34 up to 2020 to the Russian Aerospace Forces provides a stable load to the enterprise in the coming years and determines long-term development prospects. At present frontline bombers are successfully operating in the armed forces and demonstrating high characteristics.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov earlier said the Novosibirsk enterprise had to annually supply 14 Su-34 but has been ahead of plan for three years with two aircraft a year. In 2017 16 frontline Su-34 bombers were supplied and the total contracted number is 92. Borisov noted high combat characteristics of Su-34. "It approved itself in the Syrian conflict and has a major modernization potential and is the best aircraft of nearly a new generation," he said.

The Aerospace Forces have to receive a total of 150-200 Su-34. The first contract for 32 aircraft was signed in 2008 and another one for 92 bombers followed in 2012. Borisov said the Novosibirsk enterprise will begin to upgrade Su-34 in 2018. R&D to adapt new arms to it is underway.

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