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Star UAV introduces Star Shadow low observable UCAV.

| 2018

The Chinese UAV manufacturer Star UAV System Co. Ltd. is presenting for the first time a new concept of low-observable unmanned aerial system, dubbed Star Shadow, during Singapore Airshow 2018. 

StarShadow A scale model of Star Shadow UCAV at Singapore Airshow 2018

Star UAV’s Star Shadow features a flying wing design substantially comparable to the X-47B unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator developed by Northrop Grumman. The Star Shadow UAV will have a total wingspan of 15m, a length of 23.95 m and a wide of 1.84m. This configuration offers the aircraft radar cross section characteristics of 0.1 m², Star UAV announces.

It features a weapon bay of 2.5m, allowing the platform to carry up to 400 kg of useful payload, which Star UAV declined to detail. Star UAV plans to complete Star Shadow development in late 2018, for a first flight scheduled for 2019.

According to Star UAV, Star Shadow will have a maximum speed of 698 km/h and an endurance of 10-12h. It will be powered by two indigenously-made TWS800 turbofan engines, “independently designed and produced by a sister company of Star UAV,” the company added. They provide a max thrust of 1,680 lb each.

Star UAV was founded on Nov. 2015 in Chengdu. It mostly engages in research and design of large industrial UAVs and system integration.

But Star Shadow is only a new proof of how the Chinese UAV manufacturers are now working to catch up with "stealth" UCAVs. At least two "B-2 style" stealth unmanned aerial vehicles during the last edition of Airshow China, held in Nov. 2016 in Zhuhai. Among them were the Star Glory SG-1 concept, developed by the Chinese company Star UAV System Co. Ltd and the CH-805 designed by China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics.


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