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Russian MiG 29SMT train destroying cruise missiles, drones.

| 2018

MiG-29SMT fighter jets intercepted conditional adversary aircraft and destroyed cruise missiles and drones at an exercise in Astrakhan region, the Russian Defense Ministry said: "The fighter center of the Aerospace Forces completed an exercise in Astrakhan region to intercept aircraft and destroy cruise missiles and drones of the conditional adversary".

Russian MiG 29SMT train destroying cruise missiles drones MiG-29SMT (Picture source: Alex Beltyukov – RuSpotters Team)

Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-35 performed as the adversary. They took off from an airfield in Lipetsk region and approached MiG-29SMT zone of responsibility from various directions and in the whole range of altitudes and speed. Over ten adversary aircraft were simultaneously operating in the air. The exercise trained long-range missile and close maneuverable air combat. "Electronic missile launches were held, as well as antimissile maneuvering and aerobatics to win advantageous position for attacking the conditional adversary," it said.

The exercise concluded with practical launches of guided missiles at air targets imitating cruise missiles and small unmanned aerial vehicles. Four MiG-29SMT of the air center in Astrakhan successfully destroyed all targets. The exercise engaged closed to 20 aircraft of Astrakhan and Lipetsk air centers of the Aerospace Forces.

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