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Russian Helicopters progressing towards Progress AAC plant overhaul.

| 2018

Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation, implemented the first project to reconstruct factory airbase of the Sazykin Progress Company. The upgrade increased the capacity of the test facility nearly two times, the holding said on February 14, 2018.

Russian Helicopters progressing towards Progress AAC plant overhaul 001 Inside Progress AAC factory plant
(Credit: TASS)

The modernization expanded available helicopter pads from three to five rotorcraft. A parking ramp was built, as well as helicopter parking, taxi strips, and a test site.

The project reconstructed, technically re-equipped and built the airbase on a space of 160000 square meters. A new 1300-meter long and 28-meter wide runway was built according to the requirements of the Federal aviation rules.

The airfield was equipped with lighting for night flights. The latest LIRA-A10 radar was installed to ensure flight safety.

"It is a unique project. Progress is the first enterprise of the holding to accomplish a large-scale reconstruction of the airbase. New infrastructure will help observe the deadlines of state and export contracts and facilitate further expansion of production capacities. This year we hope to complete similar modernization of Rostvertol airbase," Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky said.

"The project increased the carrying capacity of the test station, decreased production cycle time and thus ensured timely fulfilment of the plan," Progress Managing Director Yuri Denisenko said.

The facility meets all the requirements of experimental aviation base and, provided additional certification, can operate as a civilian airfield.
The reconstruction cost of Primorsky airbase of Progress in Arsenyev exceeded 950 million rubles. It began in May 2016 as the output increased 2.4 times against 2015.

In 1969, Progress AAC started production of the legendary Mi-24 and continued to produce this model for almost twenty years. Today the company produces the Ka-52 Alligator, which is supplied to the Russian Air Force and is offered for export. The company is also preparing to start production of the naval modification of this helicopter – the Ka-52K.


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