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Russian Helicopters' Mi-171E2 completes test trials.

| 2018

The Russian Helicopters, Holding of Rostec State Corporation, successfully completed test trials of the multirole Mi-171E2 helicopter with a new power plant and carrying system. It was designed by the Mil enterprise in Moscow and will be produced by the helicopter plant in Ulan-Ude (U-UAZ). 

Russian Helicopters171E2 completes test trials 001 Russian Helicopters Mi-171E2 multirole helicopter
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)

Mi-171E2 is designed for export to government agencies of foreign countries and continues the program to develop a new generation of Mi-17/171 family, the holding said.

Mi-171E2 trials confirmed upgraded flight and technical characteristics. High altitude operation improved, the payload increased, as well as maximum and cruising speed, climb rate and directional control reserve. Main and anti-torque rotor noise decreased. The main rotor thrust considerably increased, as well as helicopter controllability and maneuvering, engine capacity reserve in various flight regimes specifically at major altitudes.

"The upgraded Mi-171E2 flight and technical characteristics are of interest to government agencies that operate helicopters. We took into consideration the operational specifics of previously supplied U-UAZ helicopters in mountainous countries: China, Pakistan, Iran, as well as Latin America. Mi-171E2 new engines and the carrying system provide expanded possibilities for the use of the helicopter at major altitudes and in high air temperature. Therefore, I am convinced the helicopter will be widely used in mountains and hot climate," Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky said.

Mi-171E2 was tested by U-UAZ and the trials comprised ground and flight tests. 45 test flights were held for 50 hours. Over 100 personnel of the designer and producer were engaged in the trials of the upgraded helicopter.


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