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More Su-34 bombers delivered to Russia's Chelyabinsk air regiment.

| 2018

Two Su-34 frontline bombers were delivered to the air regiment deployed in Chelyabinsk region, the Central Military District said. "The aircraft flew from Novosibirsk to Shagol military airfield in Chelyabinsk region. Pilots and engineers were retrained for Su-34 in the Lipetsk center and received the necessary certificates," it said.

More Su 34 bombers delivered to RussiaChelyabinsk air regiment Two Russian Air Force Su-34 fighter jets
(Credit: Russian MoD)

The regiment in Chelyabinsk has already received 14 Su-34 bombers this year.

The Aerospace Forces have to receive 150-200 Su-34. The first contract for 32 aircraft was signed in 2008 and another one in 2012 for 92 bombers. The contract provides sustainable load to Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant in the coming years.

Su-34 frontline bomber (Fullback by NATO classification) is designed to strike at ground and surface targets with a broad range of weapons, including precision guided munitions. The aircraft can also fight air targets and operate in any time of the day and weather. Su-34 made the maiden flight in 1990 and was accepted into service in 2014. Maximum speed is 1900 km/h, ferry distance is 4000 km. The aircraft can refuel in the air. Su-34 has two turbojet engines AL-31F with 12500 kgf thrust at the boost regime each. The crew comprises two men.

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