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Meggitt selected for KF-X advanced total braking system.

| 2018

Meggitt PLC, a leading international company specialising in high performance components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets, has secured a multi-million dollar contract for an advanced wheel and digital braking system for the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) KF-X fighter.

KF X meteor integration 001 A KF-X mock-up showcased at ADEX 2017 airshow

South Korean aircraft manufacturer, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), has chosen Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation to supply advanced nose/main wheels, high performance carbon brakes and brake control system for the multirole fighter jet.

The South Korea government started the concept for an indigenous fighter in 2011 and now they are developing this next generation fighter aircraft. The KF-X is a partnership with the Indonesian government, which has agreed to fund 20 percent of the development costs of the aircraft. The South Korean Air Force plans to purchase around 100 KF-X jets once production starts in the mid-2020s to replace aging F-4D/E Phantom II and F-5E/F Tiger II aircraft, while Indonesia has a requirement for about 50 aircraft.

The proposed braking system equipment involves a blend of new development and field proven components to meet the KAI technical requirement. Meggitt is very excited to grow their relationship with KAI; which already includes the T-50 jet family and the Surion helicopter.

South Korea launched the KF-X project in 2015 with the aim of producing more than 120 cutting-edge fighters to replace its aging jet fleet of F-4s and F-5s.

It plans to pour a total of 18 trillion won (US$16 bn) into the project by 2026, with the production of six prototype jets scheduled to begin in July next year.

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