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FZ 70mm rocket picked for FAMET, Bundeswehr Tiger helicopters.

| 2018

The Spanish FAMET (Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra), and the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), who have been involved in different UN-peacekeeping missions and currently in Mali with Tiger helicopters, are increasing their capabilities with Thales’ rockets to meet their ambitions, the company said on February 8, 2018.

FZ 70mm rockets picked up for FAMET Bundeswehr Tiger helicopters 001 A FAMET Tiger HAD-E attack helicopter
(Credit: FAMET)

The Spanish and German Procurement Agencies have just awarded Thales for a batch of respectively 1,000 and 10,000 70mm/2.75” rockets to complete the weapon systems of their Tiger HAD-E and their UH Tiger. Deliveries are expected on a very short term base.

Produced by Thales in Belgium (Herstal), the 70mm/2.75” rockets offer a high level of safety and efficiency recognized by their worldwide customers on both helicopters and combat fixed wing aircraft. The aim of this contract with the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support is to deliver practice rockets to meet the increased demand for training of the German Armed Forces. The rocket will feature a modified rocket motor FZ90 MOD.4 with reduced debris.

Thales 70mm/2.75” rocket system is part of the weapon system installed on the Spanish Tiger fitted with four light weight composite rocket pods, two of 19 tubes (FZ225) combined with two of 7 tubes (FZ233), able to carry a mixed loading of practice and high explosive warhead as well as other qualified and certified warheads with sub projectiles. On their HAP configuration Tigers, FAMET have used in operation the Thales Induction Rocket System since 2009. Complementarily, with this first batch of Thales 70mm/2.75 rocket, FAMET will now operate on their HAD Tigers the best version of the 70mm NATO standard rocket, which is also in service in German and Australian armies.

Through these new contracts, Thales confirms and strengthens its presence within the Tiger community all over the world. Every forces equipped by Tiger helicopters – Spanish, French, German and Australian – are using Thales’s rockets systems solution, in Induction version or in 2.75/70mm.




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