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Another Tu-95MS bomber delivered to Russian Air Force.

| 2018

The Beriev Aircraft Works in Taganrog (TANTK) overhauled another strategic Tu-95MS bomber and handed it over to the Russian long-range aviation, the enterprise said.

Another Tu 95MS bomber delivered to Russian Air Force 001 The Tu-95MS #25 handed over by Beriev
(Credit: Beriev)

"Tu-95MS with onboard number 25 was handed over on February 17, 2017 by TANTK to the long-range aviation and successfully flew to the deployment base," it said.

Capital overhaul of Tu-95MS of the long-range aviation and Tu-142M, Tu-142M3 and Tu-142MR of the Russian Navy is a major core activity of TANTK.

The overhaul and upgrade extend the life cycle of the aircraft which remain combat ready for a long time.

Strategic Tu-95MS bomber (Bear-H by NATO classification) strikes with Kh-55 cruise missiles at adversary facilities. Its length is 49.13 meters and the wingspan is 50.4 meters. Maximum speed is 830 km/h and the ceiling is 10500 meters. Tu-95MS is equipped with four turboprop engines NK-12MP. Maximum takeoff weight is 185 tons. The Military Balance publication said the Russian Aerospace Forces have 60 Tu-95MS of various modifications.




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