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JM LR and MR Sagem multifunction infrared imagers binoculars
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The JIM LR and MR optronic equipment for surveillance and rescue operations are designed and manufactured by the French Company Sagem. The JIM multifunction images is built on the combined know-how of Sagem and its Swiss subsidiary Vectronix. It brings together several functions in a tactical and portable housing: day and infrared vision, telemetry, laser pointing, orientation, GPS, data transmission, etc. Several hundred JIM LRs have been ordered and are in use by NATO armies – including the French Army – and by national security forces for protection, intelligence, advanced observation and combat support missions. In addition to its use by several NATO armies, the JIM LR is also used by homeland security forces, namely for border surveillance missions as part of Schengen programs (eg, in Bulgaria and Slovenia).
Variants :
JIM MR: for medium range detection and observation
JIM LR: for long range detection and observation
Technical data 
The JIM LR (Long Range) and MR (Medium Range) multifunction infrared imagers are highly compact portable observation devices, with a wide range of services: laser telemetry, north finder, etc. In addition to a GPS, the JIM LR offers remote image transmission and the ability to be remotely controlled via specific terminals.
The JIM MR can detect both day and night a pedestrian at a distance of up to 2.5km and can identify the individual from 400m away. The JIM LR can detect pedestrians from more than 5.3km away and identify them from a distance of 950 meters. It can detect a vehicle from more than 8km away.
Multifunction infrared binoculars
Country producer
Designer Company
Sagem (Safran Group)
Laser pointer, laser range finder,connection with external GPS
1 soldier
Power supply
battery packs (primary or rechargeable) or external for 3 hours
2.8 kg
Range identification
JIM LR: 950 m
JIM MR: 400 m
Range detection
JIM LR: 5,3 km
JIM MR: 2.5 km
Climatic use
-32°C to +55°C
Details view 
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