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Iskander-K 9K728


Iskander-K 9K728

Mobile short-range cruise missile system - Russia

Iskander K mobile short range cruise missile launcher vehicle Russia 925 001


The Iskander-K is a Russian-made mobile short-range cruise missile launcher vehicle based on an 8x8 military truck chassis. The design of the Iskander-K is very similar to the Iskander-M which is a ballistic missile launcher vehicle. For the Iskander-K, the vehicle can be fitted with two to six container launcher units able to fire the 9M728 also called R-500, or the 9M729 which is a land version of the 3M14 Caliber-NK. The Iskander-K was tested for the first time in May 2007 and entered into service with the Russian armed forces in 2009. The Iskander-K is designed to perform tactical-operational strikes. The mobile cruise missile system is deployed by the Russian armed forces to conduct combat operations in Ukraine.

Iskander-K variants:

- Iskander: The first version of the Iskander missile system which is able to launch a tactical missile at a range of up to 200 km. 
- Iskander-M: Range 400 km with a potential for extension to INF Treaty violating 500 km. Speed Mach 6-7, flight altitude up to 6–50 km, nuclear-capable stealth missile, controlled at all stages, not ballistic flight path. Immediately after the launch and upon approach to the target, the missile performs intensive maneuvering to evade anti-ballistic missiles. The missile constantly maneuvers during flight as well.
- Iskander-E: export version, range: 280 km.

Technical Data

Missile launcher
The Iskander-K is based on an 8x8 military truck chassis. In the Russian army, the vehicle is equipped with two canister launchers which are stored inside the vehicle in the road position and erected in the vertical position to launch the missile during firing operation phases.
The Iskander-K can launch two types of cruise missiles including the 9M728 (SSC-X-7) also known as R-500 and the 9M729 (SSC-X-8), a new long-range missile that is reportedly a land-based version of the 3M14 Caliber. The 9M728 cruise missile has a maximum firing of 500 km while the 9M729 A cruise missile is designed to destroy land targets and is able to fly at a low altitude to reduce the risks of detection and complicate countermeasures. Their slower speeds and more consistent altitudes also make tasks such as maintaining data links with satellites easier.
The Iskander-K launcher vehicle is based on the MZKT-7930 8x8 military truck chassis designed and manufactured by the Belarus Company Minsk Tractor Plant. The truck is powered by a YaMZ-846 diesel engine developing 500 hp. The truck launcher can run at a maximum road speed of 70 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 1,000 km. 
Command and Support vehicles
An Iskander-K cruise missile battery includes 4 TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher) vehicles and four reloading vehicles 9T250E designed to transport two missiles and equipped with a loading crane. The battery also includes the 9S552 command and control vehicle and 9S920 data-preparation vehicle as well as the maintenance and repair vehicles, and life support vehicle.
Combat Use
The Iskander-K launcher vehicle can launch the first missile within 16 minutes of traveling or 4 minutes from the highest readiness. The second missile can be launched in less than a minute once the first missile is launched. The 9S552 and 9S920 vehicles command communication vehicles can receive data and information in real-time from UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) allowing the Iskander-K crew to receive target information. It allows operators to select areas on a map for targeted strikes by a range of Russian long-range assets. The coordinates are confirmed and then entered using a computer in the cab of the 9P78-1. There is a data link in the rear of the vehicle that transmits the coordinates to the missile and programs it for engagement.


Type Armament
Mobile cruise missile launcher system Two missiles:
- R-500 (9M728)
- 9M729
Country users Missile Weight
Russia 1,800 to 2,300 kg
Designer Country Missile range of fire 
Russia Up to 500 km
Warhead Circular error probable
Conventional High Explosive, nuclear > 5m
Warhead Weight Truck Dimensions
500 kg Length: 13.07 m; Width: 3.51 m; Height: 3.45 m

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Iskander K mobile short range cruise missile launcher vehicle Russia front view 001 Iskander K mobile short range cruise missile launcher vehicle Russia rear view 001
Iskander K mobile short range cruise missile launcher vehicle Russia left side view 001 Iskander K mobile short range cruise missile launcher vehicle Russia right side view 001

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