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CV90 IFV BAE Systems

Tracked Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Sweden

CV90 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle tracked armored BAE Systems Sweden 925 001


The CV90 IFV (Combat Vehicle 90) also called Stridsfordon 90 (Strf90) is a family of tracked armored vehicles developed by the Swedish companies BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds (formerly Alvis Hägglunds) of Örnsköldsvik and Saab Bofors Dynamics of Karlskoga. The tracked chassis of the CV90 was built by Land Systems Hägglunds, while the turret has been designed and developed by Saab Bofors. The complete CV90 was produced by BAE Systems Hägglunds. Development of the CV90 started in 1984 and, following trials with an unarmed automotive test chassis, five prototype vehicles and turrets were built for extensive trials under a wide range of operational and environmental conditions. The CV90 can be fitted with different types of turrets armed with 30, 35, or 40mm automatic cannons as well as 105 or 120mm cannons. Following trials, the Swedish Army placed its first contract for the Strf 9040, now called the CV9040, in March 1991, with the first production vehicle, a CV9040, handed over to the Swedish Army on 1 November 1993. The CV90 platform design has continuously evolved in steps from Mk0 to the current MkIV with advances in technology and in response to changing battlefield requirements. Currently, the CV90 is in service with Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Norway Sweden, and Switzerland under different configurations. On January 19, 2023, the Swedish Prime Minister announced the delivery of 50 CV90 IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) to Ukraine. 

CV90 main variants:

- CV9030: turret armed with 30 mm Bushmaster II automatic cannon
- CV9035: Armed with a Bushmaster III 35/50 cannon
- CV90105: Light tank equipped with 105 mm rifled tank gun/turret.
- CV90120-T: Light tank equipped with a tank turret equipped with a smoothbore 120 mm gun.
- Armadillo: Armoured personnel carrier version built on a modular CV90 Mk III chassis.
- CV90 STING: Combat engineering variant built on CV90 Mk I chassis.
- CV90RWS Multi BK: Mortar carrier variant built on a CV90 Mk I chassis.
- CV 9035DK: Danish variant of the CV 9035. It is armed with an ATK 35/50-mm Bushmaster III cannon and a 7.62-mm machine gun.
- Luftvärnskanonvagn (lvkv) 9040: Anti-air vehicle, fitted with PS-95 radar from Thomson CSF Harfang (now Thales Group) and a high elevation 40 mm autocannon capable of using programmable ammunition.
- CV90 Mjolner: fitted with two 120 mm mortars
- Stridsledningspansarbandvagn (Stripbv) 90: Command post vehicle
- Eldledningspansarbandvagn (Epbv) 90: artillery observation vehicle
- Bärgningsbandvagn (Bgbv) 90: Armored recovery vehicle
- CV90 Mk IV: Upgraded version of CV90 with new turret, armament and protection

Technical Data

Weapon Systems
Main Armament:  The CV90 IFV can be armed with 30, 35 or 40mm automatic cannon 
Type of Ammunition:  HE (High Explosive) - Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) - Airburst round
Second Armament  
Machine gun:  7.62mm coaxial machine gun and turret-mounted 7.62mm
Ammunition:  7.62mm 
Missile:  In option
Smoke Equipment:  6 x76 Smoke Grenade Dischargers
Other:  Lyran illuminating mortar launcher
Design and Protection
Crew:  CV90 IFV crew 3
Troops:  CV90 IFV Infantrymen 8
Standard Armor:  All-welded steel armor construction
Add-On Armor:  NA for the standard variant
Passive Armor:  NA for the standard variant
Active Armor:  NA for the standard variant
Active Protection System:  NA
Engine:  CV90 IFV is powered by Scania DI 14 diesel developing 550 hp
Transmission:  Perkins Engines Company X-300-5N fully automatic with torque converter with 4 forward and 2 reverse gears
Suspension:  Torsion bar
Speed:  70 km/h forward and 43 km/h reverse
Cruising Range:  320 km
Mobility Capabilities  
Fording Depth:  
Vertical obstacle:  1.00 m
Trench:  2.4 m
Gradient:  60%
Side Slope:  30%
Amphibious:  No
Fire Control:  YES
Laser Rage Finder:  YES
Night Visions Systems  YES
Day Vision Systems  YES
NBC Protection System  YES
Radio Systems:  YES


Type Crew
IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle tracked armored 3 + 8 Infantrymen
Service Since Company Producer
1983 BAE Systems
Weapons Traverse Weapons Elevation
360°   110° to +45°
Dimensions Weight
Length: 6.47 m ; Width: 3.19m ; Height: 2.5 m maximum 22,800 kg
Country producer Countries user
Sweden Denmark, Estonia, Finland Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

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 CV90 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle tracked armored BAE Systems Sweden front view 001  CV90 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle tracked armored BAE Systems Sweden rear view 001
 CV90 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle tracked armored BAE Systems Sweden left side view 001  CV90 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle tracked armored BAE Systems Sweden right side view 001

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