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ZBD-04 ARV Light armoured recovery vehicle
ZBD-04 ARV armoured recovery vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence pictures photos images China Chinese army identification light tracked combat military vehicle
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The ZBD-04 ARV is the recovery version of the basic armoured infantry fighting vehicle ZBD-04. The turret of the vhicle is removed and replaced by tolls and recovery equipment. The ZBD-04 recovery use the same chassis and hull as the basic version of ZBD-04.
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Technical Data 
 For the ZBD-04 ARV the two man turret is removed and replaced by a small turret for the commander of the vehicle, armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun.
The hull of the ZBD-04 ARV is in aluminium, which provide a protection to the crew against the firing of small weapons and shell splinters of the battle field.
The ZBD-04 ARV uses the same chassis as the basic version of ZBD-04, six unevenly spaced road wheels, with three track support rollers and a front drive sprocket on each side. The road wheels and rollers are all rubber-tyred. Torsion bar suspensions with hydraulic shock absorbers are fitted on the 1st, 2nd, and 6th road wheels. The metallic tracks are fitted with removable rubber pads to improve the comfort of the passenger. The ZBD-04 ARV is motorised with a liquid-cooled diesel engine, giving a maximum road speed of 65km/h and swimming speed of 20km/h.
An hydraulic crane is mounted to the left side, on the top of the hull. Some recovery tools and accessories are mounted to each sides of the hull. As for the ZBD-04, the armoured recovery version is fully amphibious, in the water the vehicle is propelled thanks of two large water jet ports are fitted on the rear of the vehicle for high-speed swimming. A hydraulically actuated wave fence is located at front, which, when raised, can prevent the front section of the vehicle from being overflowed during swimming. The ZBD- 04 / ZBD97 is fitted with a collective NBC-protection system.
One 7.62 mm machine gun.
Country user
Company Designer
NB protection systemn, crane, winch, recovery tools
3 soldiers
Protection against small arms and shell splinters.
approximately 20 tons
65 km/hr on road, 20 km/hr on wtaer
500 km
Lenght, ? m; Width, ? m; Height, ? m
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