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Zephyr SRV

Zephyr SRV Creation UK Limited Protected Light Utility Vehicle


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General information
At DVD 2009, the British Company Creation UK Limited, present a new light multi-platform wheeled armoured vehicle. The all - British SRV ( Specific requirements Vehicle) PLUVP (Protected Light Utility Vehicle Platform) offers a range of body options to deliver opertaional performance in urban and off-road situations. The vehicle has been designed to meet worldwide deployment criteria - A1-C1 operating and A1-C2 for storage. The unit is also specified for climatic conditions A2-C1 (+56° to -32°C) for storage, and down to C2 extreme at -56°C for operations. A variant of the Zephyr SRV will be put forward as a part of a Creation / Babcock Team Z joint bid to win the forthcoming UK MoD UOR contract for the design and build of a new Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) to replace thee current in-service ‘Snatch’ Land Rover. The vehicle can be configured for a wide range of operational roles.
Variants :
Some variants in prototype version
Technical data
The Zephyr SRV can be fitted with a remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12,7 mm and smoke grenades discharger mounted to the top of the crew cabin.
A central feature of the Zephyr SRV design is the inclusion of a composite 'occupant survival cell'. Surrounding protection includes a V-form belly plate and an integral blast mitigation system. Protection is specified for minimum STANAG 4569 level 2 mine protection and level 2-3 KE protection. Fragment protection is taken to level 4.
The Zephyr SRV is deigned to accommodate a range of powertrain options, dependent on end user specification. The initial Zephyr has been developed to incorporate a rapid access and removal 'cassette' mounting for the engine, to facilitate removal and replacement, 6 speed automatic transmission and both centre and final drive locking differentials.
The Zephyr SRV is equipped with independent height adjustable suspension, which can be adapted for ground clearance, ride and handling to suit operating conditions.
Remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12,7 mm.
Country users
United Kingdom prototype
Designer Company
Creation UK Limited and Babcock Team Z
Adjustable suspension
Minimum of STANAG 4569 Level 2 mine protection
7,000 kg
130 km/h
1,500 km
Détails view
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