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Akrep II

Akrep II Otokar

Wheeled Light Armored Vehicle - Türkiye

Akrep II Otokar 4X4 Wheeled Light Armored Vehicle Data 925


The Akrep II is a versatile 4X4 wheeled multi-role light armored vehicle engineered by Otokar, a leading Turkish manufacturer of military vehicles. This advanced vehicle comes in two primary variants: the Akrep IIe, which is powered by an electric drive, and the Akrep IId, which operates on a diesel drive. Otokar has also announced plans to develop a hybrid-drive version, showcasing their commitment to innovation and adaptability in armored vehicle design.

Designed to be highly adaptable, the Akrep II can be outfitted as a dynamic weapon platform suitable for a variety of missions, including quick reaction forces, surveillance, search-and-rescue, border patrol, fire support and reconnaissance,  armored security, and base or air defense operations. Its standard configuration includes a central tire inflation system, run-flat tire inserts, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), and air conditioning for enhanced crew comfort and operational readiness. Optional features such as rear-axle steering for a tighter turning radius, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) filtration, a self-recovery winch, and an array of situational awareness and safety systems can be integrated to meet specific mission requirements.

Otokar, an important entity of Koc Group, is the main supplier of land systems to the Turkish Armed Forces. With a rich heritage in defense manufacturing, Otokar offers an extensive range that covers a wide range of military vehicles, including the Arma 6x6 and Arma 8x8 multi-purpose wheeled armored vehicles, the agile and adaptable Cobra II tactical vehicle and the innovative Akrep II electric vehicle. motorized armored vehicle. Otokar's global footprint is significant, with exports to approximately 30 countries across five continents, underscoring its position as a key player in the defense industry. The company prides itself on its ability to quickly analyze and respond to the varied requirements of nearly 50 customers worldwide, ensuring that its solutions are both innovative and reliable.

Akrep II variants:

- Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
- Anti Tank Missile Carrier
- Fire Support Vehicle (90 mm Turret)
- Light Infantry Fire Support Vehicle (25 mm Turret)
- Laser Weapon Vehicle
- Forward Observer Vehicle (Artillery or Air Force)

Technical Data

The Akrep II laser variant is equipped with a laser weapon, while the fire support and light infantry fire support variants feature a 90 mm turret (Cockerill CSE 90 LP) and a 25 mm turret respectively. The armored reconnaissance variant features an advanced weapon station that can be fitted with either 12,7 mm or 7,62 mm machine guns.
Design and protection
The Akrep II boasts a low-profile design and a flexible infrastructure. The Akrep II has in surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat configuration a crew of three (driver, gunner, and commander). However, all the main functions of this vehicle can be implemented by a crew of two. The driver sits in the center of the vehicle upfront and has access to a modern, sports car-like, re-programmable three large flat-panel multi-function displays. commander (left) and gunner (right) sit behind the driver and can control sensors, radios, and the 25mm gun the AKREP-IIe is carrying. Akrep II offers a similar ballistic protection capability to Cobra II. The baseline vehicle is STANAG 4569 Level 3 compliant. Its armored monocoque hull is fabricated from high-hardness armor steel.
The Akrep II can be offered with multiple drive train options including diesel, electric, and hybrid drive trains. The transmission systems of hybrid and diesel vehicles are completely automatic. The electric variant is powered by an electric drive system integrating high-voltage DC Li-ion and 24 V DC AGM batteries. The mobility features of the vehicle are enhanced by a full independent suspension system and a central tire inflation system (CTIS). The vehicle is fitted with 395/85R20 tires with a run-flat system. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 110 km/h and can achieve a maximum range of 250 km. It can negotiate grades of 60 % and side slopes of 40 % while the angle of approach and departures are 45° each.
Combat Equipment
The standard equipment of Akrep II includes central tire inflation, run flat inserts, ABS, an air conditioning. Rear axle steering, CBRW filtration, self-recovery winch, and safety systems can be optionally equipped.


Armament Armor
Machine gun 7.62 or 12.7 mm caliber, laser weapon, 90 mm turret (Cockerill CSE 90 LP), 25 mm turret Floor: Level 2 STANAG 4569
Crew Compartment: Level 3 STANAG 4569
Country users Weight
 Türkiye 13,500 kg
Designer Country Speed
Türkiye  110 km/h
Combat Equipment Range
Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS), Radial Tyres with Run Flat Inserts, Anti-Locking Brake System (ABS), Air Conditioning System / Heater, 5 Point Seat Belts, Floating Floor, Towing Eye Driver's Vision Enhancement System, Blackout Lighting System, Onboard Global Positioning System (GPS), Inertial Navigation System (INS). Optional: Drive-by-wire, CBRN Filtration System, Self Recovery Winch, 360° Situational Awareness System, Radio/Intercom System, Smoke Grenade Launchers, Mirror Cameras, Commander Integrated Display, Automatic Fire Extinguishing / Explosion Suppression System Navigation System, Rear Axle Steering. 800 km
Crew Dimensions
3 (commander, driver, and gunner) Length: 5,5 m; Width: 2,5 m; Height: 1,8 m

Details View

Akrep II 4X4 Wheeled Light Armored Vehicle Data Front View  Akrep II 4X4 Wheeled Light Armored Vehicle Data Rear View 
Akrep II 4X4 Wheeled Light Armored Vehicle Data Right View  Akrep II 4X4 Wheeled Light Armored Vehicle Data Left View 

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