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Sphinx Panhard Lockheed Martin

Sphinx Panhard 6x6 Combat Reconnaissance light armoured
Sphinx Panhard Lockheed Martin turret 40mm CTA gun Combat Reconnaissance 6x6 Light Armored vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images video France French Defence Industry army military technology

In 2010, Panhard General Defence presented the Sphinx concept for the first time at the International Defence Exhibition Eurosatory 2010, and since that time it has kept developing its medium 6x6 armoured vehicle, including the best adapted technologies and solutions to requirements and to volatile budgetary constraints. At Eurosatory 2012, Panhard Defence unveils a new version of its Sphinx vehicle equipped with a Lockheed Martin turret including numerous technologies mastered by renowned French manufacturers. The SPHINX, candidate for the EBRC Scorpion (Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat - Armored Machine for Reconnaissance and Combat) program associates an armored concept platform with high mobility, thanks to its power to weight ratio greater than 30 hp/t.

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- Project EBRC Armoured Vehicle of Reconnaissance to the Combat) for the French Army.
Technical Data
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The new Panhard Defence Sphinx is equipped with a Lockheed Martin turret armed with a 40mm CTA gun. This weapon is developed by CTA International, a joint project between Nexter (formerly GIAT) and British Aerospace. The 40mm CTAS is primarily aimed to equip armoured and reconnaissance vehicles in order to provide them with the superior fire power of a medium caliber weapon where normally there would only be the space for smaller caliber or lower performing larger caliber weapon systems. Along with the increased fire power afforded these smaller turrets, the 40mm CTAS is specifically designed for operation in the modern combat theatre (urban and peace keeping). The 40mm CTAS HE projectiles weigh 1kg, about 1.5x more than the Super 40 and 2.5x more than the 30mm HEAB: muzzle velocities are similar at around 1,000 m/s. The APFSDS projectiles for the two 40mm rounds are launched at about 1,500 m/s, but again the 40 CTAS is heavier, thereby providing significantly more muzzle energy than the Super 40 (around 500,000 joules compared with c.340.000). However, the Super 40, at 44mm diameter, is significantly slimmer than the 65mm diameter 40 CTAS round, so a lot more ammo can be carried in the same volume. One anti-tank guided missile launcher (ATGM) unit is mounted to each side of the turret. ATGMs will be of the MMP type, developed by MBDA. A range of four smoke grenade dischargers is mounted at the right and left front side of the turret.

Design and Protection
The layout of the Sphinx is conventional with the driver at the front, turret in the middle and engine at the rear. The Sphinx with Lockheed Martin turret is made in order to produce a hull with outstanding resistance to various threats and designed with a pronounced V shape. The protection achieved is level 5 for ballistic threats and 3a/3b for mines. Panhard is conducting extensive studies to optimize the crews protection and, especially, to limit the blast effect of lEDs by developing, for example, new absorbent materials, stronger opening parts and innovative attachment fittings for seats. This research is being conducted in partnership with other manufacturers and with the support of DGA, the French Defence procurement agency. To increase armour protection the Panhard Sphinx can be fitted with add-on armour as wire cage or other armour kits.
The Panhard SPHINX uses a 6x6 chassis, motorized by an engine for which “several solutions were identified” but not yet formally selected. Mercedes belongs to the serious applicants, with V12 having a power of 550-600 cv, Steyr is not excluded. All six wheels are steerable. The vehicle has a power to weight ratio of 35 hp/tons, offering good off-road mobility and high acceleration on paved road, reaching a maximum speed of 110 km/h.
Standard equipment of the Sphinx Lockheed Martin turret includes stabilized day/thermal sights incorporating a laser rangefinder for the commander and gunner, with former being of the panoramic type. Optronics and sights are provided by Thales. This Sphinx weight has been carefully optimized to provide a light tank that can be easily transported by C130 or A400M and optimize logistic support.
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40 mm gun, tow anti-tank missile launcher

Country users
Designer Company
Panhard Defense
day/night thermal sights, laser rangefinder;, NBC protection system
3 soldiers
Ballistc protection and mine protection to Level 5 maximum
15,000 to 17,000 kg
110 km/h
? km
Lenght, ? m; Width, ? m; Height, ? m
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