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Zala Company from Russia has developed Arctic drones

Russian Company Kalashnikov CEO Vladimir Dmitriyev presented ZALA Arctic drones at the Arctic: Present and Future international forum, Kalashnikov Media said. ZALA 421-08M and ZALA 421-16E can operate in frost and safely hold numerous survey operations and constant monitoring of the ice. ZALA Arctic helps plan operations which need precise weather and ice forecasts.

Zala Company from Russia has developed Arctic drones 925 001
Intelligence and surveillance drone ZALA 421-16Е5. (Picture source Kalashnikov)

"ZALA Arctic can successfully deal with civilian and military research in the Arctic, ensure navigation safety and round-the-clock perimeter protection, organize a fully-fledged monitoring system of the Arctic coast and territorial waters," he said.

The drones are equipped with AIS system to find and identify vessels at a distance of 100 km which is several times above the detection radius of ground means. ZALA Arctic provides the name, speed, course and size of each vessel.

The drone has its own alternative GIRSAM navigation system. It was designed for the navigation of drones and for ground/surface users when GPS or GLONASS signals are absent.

The drones can operate in any time of the day and the flight duration is 250 minutes. High-quality data processing is due to its own software to decode primary data. The drone is economically efficient against such monitoring means as piloted aircraft or ground taskforces.

Drone operators can live in the Arctic in a residential module in a 20-foot sea container. It is also intended for on-site technical maintenance of the drones. The container is fully independent from outside power sources and is equipped with all the necessary devices and units.

Outside steel and internal cold-resistant plastic coatings ensure uninterrupted operation even in very low temperatures.

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