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Russian 2S41 82mm self-propelled mortar carrier to undergo trials in 2019

The new 2S41 Drok 82mm self-propelled mortar carrier designed to support airborne assault units will undergo state trials in 2019 prior to being adopted for service by the Russian Airborne Troops, the Airborne Troops’ press group said.

Russian 2S41 82mm self propelled mortar carrier to undergo trials in 2019 925 001
Scale model of Russian-made 2S41 82mm 4x4 wheeled self-propelled mortar carrier at Army-2017, International Military Technical Forum in Moscow, August 2017. (Picture source Army Recognition)

"The trials of the new weapon developed in the interests of artillery units of the Airborne Troops will take place at several Russian Defense Ministry ranges simultaneously. It’s going to be one of the first advanced developments made in the interests of artillery units of the Airborne Troops. It will considerably increase the fire power of the airborne assault units," it said.

The 2S41 self-propelled 82mm Drok mortar carrier has been developed on the basis of the Taifun-VDV armored vehicle with an increased level of protection. It has unique firepower and shooting range characteristics. The new highly mobile airborne artillery gun can fire with ordinary and new mortar munitions of an increased might and with a longer shooting range from the mortar carrier’s fighting compartment. The crew can dismount the mortar and fire mortar munitions from the ground.

The Drok mortar carrier weighs 14 tons; its crew has four men; the mortar’s operational range reaches 100-6,000 meters; the rapidity of fire is about 12 shots per minute; the ammunition load is 40 mortar munitions. The 2S41 mortar carrier is designed, first and foremost, for artillery units of motorized rifle and airborne units. It can be used by mountaineers and airborne assault units of the Airborne Troops.

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