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UkrOboronProm new BRDM Mongoose combat reconnaissance vehicle appears

The Ukraine-based copany Mykolaiv Armored Plant, part of the State Enterprise Ukroboronprom, is presenting a further development of the BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance vehicle at the Arms and Security defense exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.

UkrOboronProm new BRDM Mongoose combat reconnaissance vehicle appears 001
New BRDM Mongoose combat reconnaissance vehicle showcased at Arms and Security 2018, Kiev
(Picture source: UkrOboronProm)

Formerly dubbed BRDM-NIk, the Mongoose, this 4x4 armored vehicle was first introduced at the 26th edition of Poland's MSPO defense fair. UkrOboronProm, Promoboroneksport signed a understanding agreement with WZM company to propose the vehicle to Polish Armed Forces for the modernization of their aged BRDM-2 vehicles

The Mongoose adds a new Iveco FPT Tector diesel engine (150 hp), allowing a maximum speed of 100 km/h. It is also equipped with new sights on the front and rear hatches. New sights allow dismounted soldiers to safely leave the vehicle. The vehicle also presents increased frontal protection thanks to additional armor plates.

The vehicle is fitted with the "Falkonet" combat module fitted with a 14,5mm KPVT machine-gun and one 7,62mm PKT. Thanks to its powerfull software, the "Falkonet" is capable to stabilize images and help destroy targets with more precision. The BRDM-NIK is made with side-hatches and one rear hatch that allow rapid deployment of embarked soldiers.

The BRDM Mongoose have a combat weight of 8,200kg, a cruising range of 1,100km and can achieve speed of up to 100 km/h. The Mongoose is 5.7m-long, 2.7m-wide and 2.71m-high, and has a wheel base of 3.1m.


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