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New BMP-M1C infrantry fighting vehicle introduced by UkrOboronProm

At Arms and Security 2018, being held in Kiev (Ukraine), the local defense contractor Zhytomyr Armored Plant is introducing an upgraded variant of the BRM-1K armored command post vehicle, the BMP-M1C infantry fighting vehicle.

New BMP M1C infrantry fighting vehicle introduced by UkrOboronProm 001
New BMP-M1C infantry fighting vehicle showcased at Arms and Security 2018, Kiev
(Picture source: UkrOboronProm)

A modernization of the BRM-1K mobile command post, the BMP-M1C features a significant increase of fire power and protection, and the replacement of outdated Soviet engine with a new German Deutz powerpack. This upgrade gives the vehicle a maximum speed of 70km/h or 7,5 km/h for water crossing.

The BMP-M1C has a combat weight of 15,5 tons and can carry up to eight soldiers and effectively support dismounted infantry units due to its Stilleto combat module. The Stilleto combines a 30-mm ZTM-2 automatic cannon ZTM-2 automatic cannon (Ukrainian designed equivalent of the Soviet 2A42), a 7,62 mm machine gun, and anti-guided missile launchers allowing to destroy enemy armored vehicles at distances up to 5 km.

In order to increase firing precision, the module is fitted with a new OTS-20.04-01 digital sighting systems, which is equipped with a laser rangefinder and a thermal imager. A new fire control system called "Synthesis" also provides precise fire in all meteorological conditions and at any time of the day.

The Stilleto combat module was successfully field-tested for the first time in March 2017 by Zhytomyr armored plant.

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