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South Korean army to deploy animal robots

By 2024, South Korea will be ready to demonstrate its army that will include military robots, among which some will imitate various animal species, including snakes and insects, as reported by the news agency Yonhap, echoed by Lucy Tanadzhy.

South Korean army to deploy animal robots
Animal-shaped robot to be used by the ROK army (Picture source: Yonhap/

According to the representative of the agency news, Park Jeong-eun, “Biometric robots will be a game changer in future warfare, and related technologies are expected to bring about great ripple effects throughout the defense industry”. The robots will be designed to perform a wide range of tasks, including search-and-rescue operations and reconnaissance. South Korean military personnel plan to work closely with domestic technology companies, positioning themselves as the world’s leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

In addition to the reduction of the birth rate of the Korean population, men are increasingly trying to evade compulsory military service. While some claim that this is contrary to their religious beliefs, others refer to mental illness, etc. Tattoos covering most of the body are another trick that frees South Korean citizens from military service. Today, there are just over 600,000 men with 3.1 million reservists in the South Korean armed forces, although there are about 945,000 active military personnel in neighboring North Korea with a reserve of 7.6 million. Therefore, military biorobots will be more appropriate than ever.


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