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Russian rocket-propelled flame throwers Shmel is proving its efficiency with the Syrian Army 31003163

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Russian rocket-propelled flame throwers Shmel is useful for the Syrian Army
Russian-made rocket-propelled anti-personnel flame throwers Shmel have been used in numerous military conflicts over the past 28 years and proved their efficiency. The Syrian Army is currently using Shmel flame throwers against terrorists.
Russian rocket propelled flame throwers Shmel is useful for the Syrian Army 640 001RPO-A Shmel Flame thrower (fourth from the bottom) with comparable Soviet/Russian rocket launchers (Source: Wikipedia)

According to military experts, the Shmel flame thrower is useful for Syria’s governmental forces as its 93mm thermo-baric warhead is similar to the 152mm howitzer projectile by its explosive effect. When artillery systems cannot be used for certain reasons, troops can operate Shmel flame throwers to hit hostile forces.

The Shmel flame thrower with a weight of 11 kilograms has an operational range of up to 600 meters but its projectile can hit targets at a distance of 1,000 meters.

The Shmel flame thrower can be also equipped with incendiary and smoke warheads, in addition to thermo-baric munitions.

The Russian Armed Forces are currently receiving highly-upgraded Shmel-M flame throwers. Unlike its predecessor, the Shmel-M flame thrower features improved characteristics.

The upgraded Shmel-M rocket-propelled anti-personnel flame thrower with an increased range and enhanced power is designed to hit the enemy’s covered weapon emplacements made of stone, brick or concrete, lightly-armored and wheeled vehicles, as well as to destroy the enemy’s manpower in and out of doors.

The Shmel-M flame thrower has been developed by the Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau on the basis of results of the operation and use of the Shmel flame thrower.

The Shmel-M flame thrower is an upgraded version of the Shmel flame thrower, which was also developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.

Unlike the Shmel flame thrower, its upgraded version is two times more powerful and 1.3 times lighter.

The maximum range of its incendiary warhead has also grown by 1.7 times.

The flame thrower consists of a disposable container including a rocket-propelled round with a thermo-baric warhead and a reusable launcher with an optical sight.

The Shmel-M flame thrower’s design allows upgrading both its launcher and container with a rocket-propelled round if new munitions are developed.
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