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Russian Pantsir-SM-SV tracked version of Pantsir air defense system will be completed in 2022

According to information published by the Russian press agency TASS on December 24, 2021, a tracked version of the Pantsir air defense missiles/cannons system called Pantsir-SM-SV will be completed in 2022.
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Russian Pantsir-SM-SV is a tracked version of the Pantsir S1 using the weapon station armed with surface-to-air missiles and 30mm automatic cannons. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Pantsir-SM-SV has been developed by the Russian defense industry to offer a new air defense system for ground and airborne units of the Russian armed forces. It will be used to protect S-300V4 air defense missile systems against attacks of cruise missiles, small drones, and precision weapons.

As the original Pantsir S1 mounted on wheeled truck chassis, the Pantsir-SM-SV will be armed with a mix of surface-to-air missiles and 30mm automatic cannons. It will be able to fire two types of surface-to-air missiles and will have a bigger destruction zone.

The Pantsir-SM-SV will be fitted with a weapon station mounted on the roof of an armored tracked chassis GM-5970.25 developed and designed by the Russian company Mytishchi Machine-Building Plants. The weapon station will be armed with two-barreled 2A38M 30mm automatic cannons and 12 launchers for surface-to-air missiles, with 6 missile containers mounted on each side of the turret.

The Pantsir-SM-SV is equipped with a multi-functional targeting radar station, increasing target detection range from 40 to 75 km and engagement range from 20 to 40 km, thus twice more efficient than the current Pantsir-S1. It also incorporates a new multi-functional targeting radar station able to detect air targets with a range from 40 to 75 km.

As the Pantsir-SM, the Pantsir-SM-SV will be able to fire the new high-speed two-stage missile 57E6M-E which has a maximum firing range of 30 km, and the 57E6-E with a range from 15 to 18 km.

The 2A38M 30mm automatic cannons mounted on the Pantsir-SM-SV will be used to destroy aerial targets at a short distance. The cannons have an effective range against air targets from 200 to 2,000 m with a maximum altitude range of 4,000 m.

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