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China unveils FB-10A short-range air defense missile system

During EDEX 2021, Egypt Defense Exhibition, the Chinese company ALIT (Aerospace Long-Mach International Trade) has unveiled the FB-10A, a new model of short-range air defense system mounted on a 6x6 chassis Dongfeng Mengshi light tactical vehicle.
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A scale model of the FB-10A short-range air defense missile system was displayed by ALIT at the EDEX Egypt defense exhibition in December 2021. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The previous version, the FB-10 was unveiled in 2016 during the Zhuhai Airshow in China. The system was mounted on 6x6 truck chassis with a phased array radar, optical sensor and eight missile tubes. The FB missile is able to engage air targets at a maximum range of 10 km and an altitude from 15 to 5,000 m.

The launcher vehicle of the FB-10A is based on a light tactical vehicle Dongfeng Mengshi 6x6 chassis with a crew cabin at the front with two doors on each side, while the missile launcher is mounted on a flat bed cargo area at the rear of the vehicle.

The weapon station consists of two pods of four ready-to-fire missile containers with one surface-to-air missile using infrared imaging technology. According to Chinese military sources, the technical specifications of the FB-10A missile is equivalent to the Hongqi-10 surface-to-air missile system which uses an advanced rolling projectile and an infrared/radar "dual-mode" composite guidance system, which can intercept anti-ship missiles at four times the speed of sound.

The missile of the FB-10A is cheaper than the Hongqi-10 missile and it has a maximum firing range of 10 km.

China Aerospace Long-March International Co., Ltd (ALIT), the core subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), is a leading state-owned enterprise authorized by the Chinese government for export and import of aerospace-related weapons systems, products, and technologies.

China unveils FB 10A short range air defense missile system 925 002
The FB-10A was displayed for the first at Zhuhai AirShow 2021. (Picture source China Internet)

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