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Old Soviet-made 2S3 152mm self-propelled howitzer will be modernized to 2S3M3 standard 10209153

Military Defense Industry Technology - New modernized 2S3 howitzer
Old Soviet-made 2S3 152mm self-propelled howitzer will be modernized to 2S3M3 standard.
The Soviet-made Akatsiya 2S3 152mm self-propelled howitzer, in service since 1971, will be modernized with the help of an all-new system of automated homing and fire control. The 2S3M3 system also analyzses and relates a wealth of vital data to the crew, from the current location of both the gun and its target, all the way to automatic fire control.
The system helps the gunners to better coordinate their action and ensures their survival in real-life combat situations.

The addition of the 2S3M3 artificial “brain” has breathed new life into the first version of 2S3 bringing it up to par with the most advanced modern-day counterparts and leaving 20th century artillery far behind.

The 2S3 self-propelled artillery howitzer was developed in 1968 and enters in service with the Russian armed forces in 1971.

The 2S3 Akatsiya is armed with the 2A33 152mm howitzer, which is a modified variant of the D-20 towed howitzer but with a bore evacuator added behind the muzzle brake. The main armament of the 2S3M3 will be the same but it can also fire the 155 mm Krasnopol-M laser-guided projectile to a maximum range of 17 km.

The 2S3 Akatsiya uses a modified tracked chassis of the SA-4 Ganef (2K1 Krug-Russian-made surface-to-air missile system mounted on the chassis of a self-propelled artillery system SU-100P.

Driver's and engine-transmission compartments are located in a front part of a hull, fighting compartment with rotatory turret – in middle and rear parts of the hull.

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