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China unveils Dragon 60B new type of loitering munition suicide drone at AirShow China 2022

China's defense industry unveils new development of loitering munition or suicide drone called Dragon 60B at AirShow China 2022. This loitering munition can be used to perform intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions or strike land targets.
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China's defense industry unveils a new loitering munition also called a suicide drone called Dragon 60B at AirShow China 2022. (Picture source china Social Network Weibo)

A loitering munition is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle designed to engage beyond line-of-sight ground targets with an explosive warhead. Loitering munitions are often portable and many are meant to provide ground units such as infantry with guided precision munitions.

The Dragon 60B is compact, cost-effective and versatile, and is stored, transported, and launched from a 1.5 m launch tube. The drone has two pair of wings, one located in the top middle of the fuselage and the second located on the rear of the lower part of the fuselage. Its tail section features two flight control surfaces.

The Dragon 60B is electrically powered and it is fitted with a two-blade propeller at the rear. It has an endurance from 15 minutes to two hours and can fly an altitude from 10 to 1,000 m. It used a GPS/ inertial guidance system.

The front of the Dragon 60B is equipped with a day/night electro-optical guidance system fitted under the nose that can be used for the search, detection, and acquisition of targets designated by the operator under all lighting conditions. In addition to threat detection, the optic can also be used to gather intelligence data.

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