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Analysis: Technical review of GSD LuWa new German-made light airborne tracked armored IFV

An exclusive report from the Army Recognition editorial team featuring the GSD LuWa, one of the most incredible combat vehicles. In this video, explore a comprehensive technical review of the next generation of Light Air-Transportable Armored Fighting Vehicles, developed and designed by German company IABG in collaboration with German companies ACS and FFG, as well as Valhalla Turrets from Slovenia.
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The new GSD LuWa tracked light airborne armored fighting vehicle is developed and designed by the German company IABG. (Picture source ScreenShot video footage)

The GSD LuWa is a new generation of light, air-transportable armored fighting vehicle developed and designed by the German company IABG as a successor to the Wiesel 1, a tracked airborne armored vehicle that is in service with the German army, and more specifically, with the airborne troops.

As a product-neutral general contractor on behalf of the German armed forces, IABG thus achieved a further milestone in the project, which has been running since April 2020. The aim of the project is to investigate concepts and technologies for a possible successor system to the Wiesel 1 airborne tracked weapon carrier armored vehicle.

The GSD LuWa is based on a tracked chassis consisting of two-track independent suspension each including three road wheels and one return roller. The 4-track layout is to improve survivability against mine strikes etc, lose a track and can keep going, each track is individually powered by an electric motor.

The layout of the GSD LuWa is very unique and the whole vehicle has been designed to be small in size with lightweight allowing the vehicle to be easily airdropped. The hull of the vehicle is equipped with two large bullet-proof windows at the front and one additional small window on each side, offering a 180° view for the crew.

The GSD LuWa has a crew of two and is equipped with a remotely operated weapon station manufactured by the Slovenian company Valhalla Turrets which is armed with one 30mm automatic cannon able to engage targets at a maximum firing range of 3,000 m. The 30mm cannon is able to fire a wide range of ammunition types as well as the APFSDS-T (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) round that provides ample armor penetration against current and future battlefield threats.

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