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Ukrainian troops adopt HIMAKS electric ATV for frontline medical evacuations

According to an article by ArmyInform on August 20, 2023, Ukrainian engineers have introduced an electric ATV evacuation vehicle known as the Crafter HIMAKS (HIMAKS stands for "Evacuation Quadricycle" in Ukrainian). Currently, five HIMAKS are operational on the front lines, fulfilling the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and providing an efficient solution for evacuating wounded individuals from the battlefront.
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Ukrainian military adopt HIMAKS electric ATV for frontline medical evacuations (Picture source Emobili)

The Crafter HIMAKS is an electric 2x4 ATV weighing 180 kg and capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Produced in Ukraine by Emobili, the vehicle is powered by a 2,000 W system, allowing a maximum recommended load of 350 kg. Its versatile functionality encompasses urban, suburban, and forest environments.

The engineers from Emobili have made modifications to the Crafter Ranger ATV, involving the repurposing of the luggage platform located above the rear wheel pair to accommodate specialized plastic stretchers. This alteration transforms the quadricycle into a medical evacuation vehicle with extended sides supported by cables, creating a secure environment for transporting wounded personnel. The luggage platform can be folded lengthwise or crosswise due to its folding sides. The stretcher configuration is designed with a lumbar arrangement, resembling a flexible cylinder cut lengthwise. This innovation allows paramedics to customize the stretcher's shape to better fit the wounded individual's physique and head position.

Operated by a crew of two (a driver and a medical attendant), the vehicle can transport up to three individuals. With a normal load capacity of 300 kg, the Crafter HIMAKS is designed to handle various types of cargo, making it adaptable to different operational requirements. The quadricycle includes a folding seat behind the passenger and a front slatted trunk in front of the driver for carrying cargo, provided it doesn't obstruct visibility.

The vehicle's propulsion system comprises a dual-battery setup, allowing a total mileage capability of up to 150 kilometers. The primary battery offers a range of up to 100 kilometers, supplemented by a secondary battery extending the range by an additional 50 kilometers. The placement of the batteries at different heights facilitates swift replacement in case of damage (as shrapnel hits), which can be completed in as little as 15-20 seconds, with practice making the process even faster.

Effective battery management is crucial, and the charging process allows for a range of up to 35 km within an hour, although this figure may vary based on the terrain. Additionally, the batteries can serve as power banks for other frontline needs, adding a practical dimension to the vehicle's design.

The Crafter HIMAKS features robust 8-inch wheels with tubeless tires and a tread height of 12 mm, contributing to stability and durability across diverse terrains. The suspension system incorporates disc hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear, along with adjustable shock absorbers to ensure comfort and control. The front shock absorbers feature a stiffness regulator, while the two rear shock absorbers are gas-oil shock absorbers with pumping.

In terms of pricing, the evacuation version of the Crafter HIMAKS is priced at 400,000 hryvnias (around 9,960€), offering an economical option for enhancing medical evacuation capabilities. The civilian variant of the vehicle starts at 400,000 hryvnias (around 11,453€), providing a cost-effective solution for various users. Additional models, including the cargo-passenger version and the version with a roof and tactical trailer, are priced at 430,000 hryvnias (around 10,705€) and 460,000 hryvnias (around 10,705€) respectively.

In wartime settings, the Crafter HIMAKS offers agility in navigating challenging terrains typical of conflict zones. Its compact design, lightweight construction, and electric drive enhance adaptability in accessing remote or inaccessible areas where wounded soldiers might be located. The vehicle's responsiveness is another asset in wartime contexts. Electric vehicles offer rapid acceleration and torque delivery, which can be crucial for swift medical responses in rapidly changing situations.

Moreover, the vehicle's reduced fuel dependency is advantageous in conflict scenarios. By relying on electricity, the Crafter HIMAKS diminishes vulnerability to fuel supply disruptions. In terms of stealth, the vehicle's quiet operation can minimize the risk of detection by adversaries, adding a layer of security in sensitive situations. The Crafter HIMAKS' adaptability to diverse terrains is also a notable feature. With robust wheels, adjustable shock absorbers, and a versatile suspension system, the vehicle is equipped to handle various landscapes effectively.


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