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Stryker Armored Personnel Vehicles take the lead in Ukraine's counter-offensive

For the first time in the ongoing conflict, the US-provided Stryker combat vehicles have been spotted in action on the Ukrainian frontlines. A video released on Telegram on August 15, 2023, provides visual evidence of a Stryker in the heat of battle, targeted by a Russian Lancet loitering munition. While the aftermath of this attack remains uncertain, and the video's authenticity is still under scrutiny, it's clear from this and other reports that the Strykers have been deployed in Ukraine.
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A video surfaced on social media Telegram on August 15, 2023, showing a US-supplied Stryker combat vehicle in action in Ukraine. (Picture source: Telegram)

A video surfaced on social media Telegram on August 15, 2023, showing a US-supplied Stryker combat vehicle in action in Ukraine. This video seems to depict a Russian Lancet loitering munition targeting a Stryker. The extent of the damage is uncertain, and the authenticity of the footage is yet to be verified. However, this, along with other reports, suggests that Strykers are now actively being used in Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defence claims to have destroyed four of Ukraine's Strykers since their deployment near Zaporizhzhia this week. While one of these alleged incidents was captured in the aforementioned video, details regarding the other three Strykers are not provided.

The inclusion of the 82nd Brigade into the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia introduces both potential strategic advantages and operational complexities for Kyiv's broader counteroffensive strategy. This move follows the decision of the Ukrainian general staff to commit these formerly reserved brigades to the front lines, with the aim of enhancing the combat capabilities of Ukrainian forces along a significant axis spanning from Robotyne under Russian control to the occupied city of Melitopol on the northern Black Sea coast.

The presence of the 82nd Brigade, combined with an air-assault force, introduces the prospect of substantial gains against the Russian garrison in contested regions. However, the ultimate outcome rests on the ability of Russian forces to withstand the intensified pressure posed by these heavily-equipped brigades and their capacity to navigate the ensuing rotations.

The 82nd Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine has further augmented its capabilities with additional western-supplied vehicles, encompassing 189 American Stryker APCs (including Engineer Squad Vehicles), M113 infantry carriers, and British Challenger 2 main battle tanks. The Stryker, a wheeled armored vehicle noted for its adaptability, serves a range of roles such as infantry transport, reconnaissance, anti-tank operations, and medical evacuation. Its modular design allows for tailored configurations based on mission demands, with an operational range generally spanning between 300 to 500 kilometers, and accommodating squads of up to nine personnel.


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