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Ukraine approves induction of new KH-S7 combat drone

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense officially approved the KH-S7, a locally produced FPV combat drone, for operational use within the Ukrainian armed forces on September 7, 2023. The development of this drone began last summer and involved engineers and military personnel who had previously worked on drone projects as a hobby.
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New Ukrainian KH-S7 combat drone (Picture source: Ukrainian MoD )

The rise of drones in Ukraine is well-known, but Ukraine is attempting to develop its own industry related to UAVs. Indeed, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has launched a new indigenous drone: the KH-S7. This FPV combat drone aims to quickly join the Ukrainian armed forces.

Designed to engage a variety of mobile and stationary ground targets, the KH-S7 stands out for its payload capacity and signal range. The drone is digital, offering Full-HD image quality that facilitates reconnaissance during missions. According to developers, the drone can carry a useful payload of up to 1 kilogram over a distance of 7 kilometers, although its range can extend even further under certain conditions. In fact, the Ukrainian armed forces have successfully deployed the KH-S7 at distances of up to 9.5 kilometers.

One of the features of the KH-S7 is its high-quality camera, which provides operators with clear images and aids in reconnaissance during missions. The developers emphasized the drone's reliability and power, stating that they only used top-tier components and systems in its construction. The cost of manufacturing remains to be seen; the interest in drones lies in the cost/destruction ratio. If the drone is too expensive, this ratio deteriorates, and the primary interest in UAVs is lost. Therefore, the price is an essential element to know.

The drone received accelerated approval for use within the Ukrainian armed forces, and the company is now focusing on scaling up production to meet the existing needs of the Ukrainian army. According to some officials from the Ukrainian company, the KH-S7 drone would be very easy to use, especially for experienced operators.

The KH-S7 joins the ranks of other drones equipped with artificial intelligence that the Ukrainian armed forces are currently using on the front lines to more effectively neutralize Russian occupiers and their equipment. Military operators who have had the opportunity to compare the KH-S7 with other strike drones are quite optimistic about its capabilities. In the coming months, we will undoubtedly see it deployed on a large scale on the battlefield, and from that moment, we will have more precise feedback on its performance and characteristics.


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