Introducing Rheinmetall new Variable Tactical Aiming Laser module

Rheinmetall is presenting its new Variable Tactical Aiming Laser (VTAL) laser module at this year’s Eurosatory defence show. Extremely robust and compact, the system is specially designed for today’s shorter assault rifles. An European special operations unit recently selected the VTAL to serve as standard equipment.

rheinmetall laser
Rheinmetall's new Variable Tactical Aiming Laser (VTAL) laser module is specially designed for today’s shorter assault rifles (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Watertight, light and stable, the metal housing has a built-in MIL-STD 1913/STANAG 4694-interface. Because the VTAL protrudes only about 25 mm above the mounting rail, it does not interfere with the line of sight during conventional optical aiming. The VTAL features an extremely strong visible red dot laser, a near-infrared dot laser, and a near-infrared illuminator.

The superior quality of the light rays and their consistency of form enhances the user’s situational awareness in all operating environments. Importantly, the VTAL is compatible with all standard night observation devices. The fully integrated laser block is aligned at the factory, making adjustment on the weapon simple.

Owing to the device’s modern design, the operator can adjust the intensity of both dot lasers with the aid of a colour-coded cable switch. The illuminator can be focused using a separate control knob. Furthermore, the VTAL can be coupled with other tactical weapon lights such as Rheinmetall’s modular Lumenator weapon light and operated using a combined two-button cable switch.

The robust design assures stability and dependability. The system can withstand the worst battlefield conditions and is waterproof to a depth of 30 metres. This way, operators know they can rely on the device at all times.

The VTAL is made by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics (RSE) in Stockach, Germany, whose longstanding experience in the field of laser light modules flowed into the design, resulting in a truly outstanding product.