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New AU-220M combat module for Russian BMP-3 IFV.

| 2018

BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles will get a new combat module AU-220M which has already been tested, the Defense Ministry said. "The fire module has upgraded combat characteristics. It is designed to fight ground and air targets. AU-220M has enhanced fire accuracy, higher penetrating capabilities and over-obstacle 57mm shells. The module can be remotely controlled by the crew from outside the vehicle," it said.

New AU 220M combat module for Russian BMP 3 IFV
BMP-3 IFV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

AU-220M is compatible with existing armor and is installed on BMP-3, BMPT and prospective platforms Armata, Kurganets-25, Bumerang, as well as on small displacement ships. AU-220M gun elevation angle is higher than a classical artillery gun. It increases combat capabilities in city conditions and allows firing at air targets. BMP-3 with the new module can fire in motion, stationary and floating.

Maximum AU-220M fire rate is 80 rounds per minute, the range is 14.5 km. The ammunition allowance of 80 shells includes high-explosive, fragmentation, armor-piercing and guided munitions. A coaxial 7.62mm machinegun has an ammunition allowance of 1000 cartridges. The module can horizontally rotate 360 degrees.


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