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Russian soldiers practices mountain combat in Abkhazia.

| 2017

Motorized rifle units of the Russian military base in Abkhazia drill in the field the methods of fighting the bands in the mountains, the SMD press service reports.

russia abkhazia moutain drill fighting 925 001 Soldiers advancing while a BTR-82AM give them support

"On Tsabal and Nagvalou firing ranges the servicemen drilled marching, tactical, engineering and firing techniques, honed their skills in installing field camps, camouflaging firing positions and military hardware, and negotiating contaminated areas. Led by experienced instructors, the military drivers improved their skills of driving APCs and army trucks on roads with various coating, river beds and mountain serpentines as well as sticky soil areas," the press service reports. The main task of the field mission was fostering of physical endurance, psychological stamina and adaptability of each serviceman to the rapidly changing environment of today’s joint force engagement.

In conclusion of the field exercise the motor riflemen fired the armaments of the BTR-82AM combat vehicle, RPG-7 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, Pecheneg machineguns, Kalashnikov assault rifles and machineguns at targets that simulated the enemy infantry and lightly armored hardware. In all, over 50,000 rounds, including under-barrel and hand-held grenades, have been spent. A total of more than 600 servicemen of the unit took part in the exercise, and more than 100 examples of military hardware were involved, including modern BTR-82AM armored personnel carriers, armored KamAZ Mustang trucks and BTR-80-mounted communications vehicles.

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