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Nexter Press release ( 24 October 2010)

Nexter at Euronaval 2010 with FREMM equipment.
Nexter is an European leader in defense systems. It provides the French forces and many forces around the world with advanced combat systems, AFV, munitions and logistic services. Those assets are widely deployed in overseas theaters, Afghanistan beeing the most demanding. Nexter is a major supplier of the navies (vessels and air assets) for high performances weaponery and protection systems.
At Euronaval, Nexter will exhibit two major pieces of equipment for the FREMM multimission Fregate.
The Aquitaine class ship will rely on high technology collective NBC protection system developed and manufactured by Nexter's subsidiary, NBC-Sys. NBC-Sys is the French leader in NRBC protection technology. Its successful products are in service in numerous armies, navies, air forces and homeland security organisations around the world. NBC-Sys range of products adresses individual protection suits solutions as well as collective units solutions.
For FREMM close-in defense against asymetric threats, Nexter Systems is negotiating the final step for the new Narwhal remotly controlled weapon station. Narwhal is able to defeat all kind of suicide fast boats, frogmen and low speed flying assets with a comfortable stand off and create a bubble shield that immune the capital ship. The 20 mm Nexter 20-693 cannon is an unrivaled compromise between firepower, cost effectiveness and weight.
Narwhal has got all weather capacity thanks to high technology sensors and optronics devices. It is fully stabilised to provide fire whatever the platform attitude.

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