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Nexter Press release ( 24 October 2010)

Nexter at AUSA 2010 – Solutions for expeditionary forces with VBCI, Caesar and Syegon.
Nexter is an European leader in land defense systems. It provides the French army and many armies around the world with advanced combat systems, AFV, munitions and logistic services. Those assets are widely deployed in overseas theaters, Afghanistan beeing the most demanding. Nexter is also a major supplier of the navies and air forces for high performances weaponery.
Nexter introduces three combat proven systems at AUSA 2010, the VBCI, Caesar and Syegon.
VBCI, the first wheeled infantry fighting vehicle ever, is used by the French army in Afghanistan and Lebanon. This advanced platform uses state-of-the-art technology in protection and mobility which complies with main GCV requirements well known as the "big 4". VBCI provides superior force protection thanks to advanced design in structure and add-on armor technology. Its open electronic architecture is a key factor for growth potential and adaptability to the mission. Advanced powertrain gives VBCI mobility over all types of terrains. Finally its internal volume can accommodate up to eleven (2+9) digitized warriors with extended load capacity.
Caesar®, the smart wheeled artillery howitzer, provides the allies with devastating and highly accurate fire support in Afghanistan. Caesar® weapon system can be integrated on various platform solutions. Its modular design allows the customer to ask for its preferred chassis solution in a logistic perspective. Caesar® fires all Nato 155 mm munitions, including long range and smart or guided one. Caesar® is the artillery solution for all expeditionary force. It is C130 transportable.
Syegon®, the central tyre inflation system, has been selected by world class AFV and trucks manufacturers, and can be seen at the Hutchinson booth. A new version with wireless integrated remote pressure control is available.

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