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Sherpa 3A Renault Trucks Defense Armoured vehicle personnel carrier


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General information
Renault Trucks Defense launched at Eurosatory 2006 new members of the Sherpa family of trucks, including a tactical vehicle, armored vehicle and light truck.The Sherpa 2 and the Sherpa 3A are 4x4 vehicles all terrains mainly dedicated to projection, intervention and logistic units. Those vehicles can carry a significant payload over road surfaces or the most challenging terrains (sand, stones and mud).The Sherpa 3A have a remarkably low silhouette and reduced total weight, to suite air-transport and air-drop requirements. Specially designed for military requests, the Sherpa 3A is also fully compliant with the international standards. All the range of the Sherpa are transportable by the usual deployment means (air, rail, sea). They are well suited to long-range moves on land, at high cruising speed in full autonomy. Due to their compact silhouette (width < 2.50m) the vehicles are able to deploy easily on any theatre as well as in any urban area. The features all together: an outstanding TacticalMobility in its category, particularly for obstacle overcoming and on soft grounds (sand, mud,…), a high carrying capacity which can be dedicated either to protection or to payload, an advanced Protection and Survivability, in the shape of a safety cell or highly protected and modular transport compartment. The Sherpa 3A is proposed in « Grand Volume » and « High Intensity » versions.
Variants :
Sherpa 3 : light version without armor cabin
Sherpa 3A : with an armour cabin
Sherpa 3 Grand Volume: with a long chassis with 10 seats
Sherpa 3 HI : dedicated fo the special forces troops
Technical data
The Sherpa 3A can be fitted with a remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12,7 mm in calibre.
The vehicle can be fitted with an armoured body 4/5 seats, with protection for ballistic, mines and IED. The Sherpa 3A structure is capable to receive ballistic protection kit as per STANAG level 1 and 2. For the protection and the survivability, Renault Trucks Defense has gained the cooperation of worldclass armour and survivability expert companies. Thus the most tailored and adequate protection levels are proposed against more and more ubiquitous and diversified threats: kinetic projectiles, splinters, mines, improvised explosives (IEDs), anti-tank weapons such as RPG-7, NBC threats.
The 10-ton class Sherpa 3A is powered by a 4-cylinder Euro 4 220-hp engine which allows for a maximum speed of 120 kph on road and a cruising range of 800 km at 70 kph with a 200-l fuel tank. The engine is coupled to an automatic transmission Allison S250, with 6 forward gears and 1 reverse. The chassis is composed with a front drive axle with a 4.5 t load capacity and a rear drive axle with a 6.5 t load capacity. The drive-line solutions (engine, transmission, suspension) implemented by Renault Trucks Defense provide the vehicles of the armoured range with outstanding moving capabilities and tactical speed, on the most difficult terrains under any climatic condition.
Optional equipment includes: air conditioning, radio, add-on armor kits, engine speed control, central tire inflation system, adjustable steering wheel, roof-mounted 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun, heating system, etc. A central tires inflation/deflation system (CTIS) is controlled from the driver's cabin, and allows the vehicle to cross in the most difficult desert off-road conditions.
Remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12,7 mm in calibre.
Country users
Designer Company
Renault Trucks Defense
Central tires inflation, armor cabin, remote weapons, winch.
STANAG 1 et 2
13,300 kg
120 km/h sur route
800 km à 70 km/hr
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