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Russian Iskander-M launcher system to be equipped with a new secretive missile
Russia's defense industry recently announced the creation of a new missile. According to military expert Igor Korotchenko, the announcement was careful to conceal the new missile's specifications. Russia's new missile for the Iskander-M launcher, said to have been completed on Friday, has some secret characteristics, weapons expert Igor Korotchenko told Sputnik.
Russian Iskander M launcher system to be equipped with a new secretive missile 640 001Iskander-M ballistic missile system
"The Ministry of Defense and the industrial enterprises are not disclosing the tactical and technical characteristics. This is so that a potential opponent would not take counter-measures," Korotchenko said.

According to Korotchenko, the two main factors behind the development of a new missile are the precision of the strike and the ability to maneuver against anti-air and anti-missile defenses.

"Because of this, the new ballistic missile, now part of the Iskander-M system, will allow the completion of tasks before the systems, but much more effectively and invulnerable to the opponent," he added.

Korotchenko added that the Iskander-M missile system may be armed with both ballistic and cruise missiles, which allows for a flexible approach when it comes to destroying targets.

The head of Russia's Missile Forces Aleksandr Dragovalovsky previously said that the country's defense industry is developing four ballistic and one cruise missile for the Iskander-M system. The first ever night-time test of the system was made in November.
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