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BAE Systems’ Robotic Technology Demonstrator (RTD) successfully fired laser-guided rockets at multiple ground targets, with a human decision in the loop, during the U.S. Army’s tactical scenario at the EDGE 22 exercise at Dugway Proving Ground. This test marked the first time an APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System) laser-guided rocket has ever been fired from a robotic combat vehicle (RCV).

Recent Google Earth images reveal construction at what appears to be a sophisticated laser system at a Russian space facility designed to blind adversary satellites, Brett Tingley reports in The construction is taking place at the Russian Ministry of Defense's Krona space facility near Zelenchukskaya in Russia's far southwest, home of the massive RATAN-600 radio telescope.

The U.S. Army’s most recent Soldier Operational Experiment, or SOE, confirmed the value position of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, also known as RAS, in a coalition environment, Jerome Aliotta reports on U.S. Army’s website. This is a position that provides their human counterpart with the following benefits: enhanced lethality, improved options, and a degraded threat.

Analysis of new Generation MBT (Main Battle Tank) in 2022, Part 4/4. At Eurosatory 2022, International Defense Exhibition that was held in Paris, June 2022, the French Company Nexter Systems presents the latest generation of the French MBT (Main Battle Tank), the Leclerc XLR which is a modernized version of the standard tank Leclerc in service with the French army featuring many new improvements in terms of mobility, firepower, and protection.

According to Lia Wong on Overt Defense, on July 4, 2022, the Feitian-1 hypersonic vehicle developed by the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Northwestern Polytechnical University successfully launched at a base in northwestern China, demonstrating for the first time in the world an operational kerosene combined cycle ramjet/rocket engine capable of smooth transition between at least four different propulsion configurations, which allows for efficient operation in every phase of flight and expanding the flight envelope of future Chinese hypersonic aircraft.

Analysis of new Generation MBT (Main Battle Tank) in 2022, Part 3/4. German Company Rheinmetall unveils a new concept of Main Battle Tank with its KF51 Panther, the latest member of the Rheinmetall family of tracked armored vehicles (KF is short for "Kettenkraftfahrzeug", i.e., tracked vehicle). The Panther is the first of a new MBT family. In the near future, there will be further innovations that support environmentally friendly peacetime operations and further optimization in terms of automation and effectiveness. In this article, Army Recognition explains the technical features of the new German-made KF51 Panther.

With Army modernization at the forefront of the service's priorities, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, known as YPG, serves as a hot spot for ongoing high-energy laser tests that can cook small, unmanned aircraft systems out of the sky. Brandon Mejia reports on U.S. Army's website.

EURENCO, a European leader in energy materials, and FMG, Fabrica de Municiones de Granada, a company of the MSM group, with a portfolio of companies in the field of defense and civil engineering, have signed a new long-term contract for the supply of new propellant/combustible objects from EURENCO Bergerac (France), including a newly developed combustible interface part for a 120mm export tank.

Arquus presents its new diagnostic case to meet the challenges of speed and precision during preventive or curative maintenance. Thanks to ALPs (fault finding trees), this tool makes it possible to further improve by 30% the location of the failure. Entirely dedicated to military use in the workshop or as close as possible to operations, this solution integrates a military ISS and does not require an internet connection for use.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense, or RMD, is offering GhostEye MR radar for integration with the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System, or NASAMS. This medium‐range air defense solution, made in partnership with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, has been operational for more than three decades and is currently used by the U.S. and 11 allied nations. The widespread adoption of NASAMS “indicates the highest level of confidence by a global customer base”, Joe DeAntona, a retired U.S. Army colonel who is now vice president for Land Warfare and Air Defense requirements and capabilities at Raytheon Missiles & Defense, said.

The U.S. Army understands that preparing for fast-paced, multi-domain conflict requires developing breakthrough warfighting systems and technologies, including in the critical area of Long-Range Precision Fires. These large-caliber, heavy-hitting fires — which include missiles, cannons and other artillery — are designed to pierce enemy lines and destroy key targets from a distance. However, like many other signature Army systems, they must evolve along with the rapidly changing nature of warfare to remain optimally effective. Maureena Thompson, Army Futures Command, reports on U.S. Army's website.

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